Preparing Meals


One of the most difficult parts of eating healthy is being prepared. The best solution that I have found for myself is to prepare on Sunday the majority of the food that I am going to eat during the week. I know that this sounds like a HUGE chore, but if you organize yourself like a restaurant chef you can actually cook a weeks worth in about 2 hours. I’ll show you what I mean.

First thing is the buying – chefs know how much they need for the week and therefore how much to buy. Pay attention to how long things last for you and get used to quantities so that when you walk into the store you can load the cart and go. Me, I buy 3 2# pork tenderloin,  4# chicken, 2# hamburger and 5 dozen eggs. I also buy a bag of yams, bag of apples, bag of oranges, some nuts, and a couple of different veggies each week. Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm yourself with too many different things. (This is a LOT of food! I prepare for 4-5 meals a day. You probably won’t need to).

When you get home turn on the oven – 400 degrees is a good restaurant temp. Fill that pot again and return it to the heat. You’ll need it later.  What takes the longest? For me it’s the yams so I immediately put them in the oven. No prep. Boom. They’re out of my hair until they’re done. Then I unwrap all the meat and season it – this is where you can get creative and try different seasonings so food doesn’t get boring. Pork is next. Heat a pan, brown the tenderloins on all sides, put them on a sheet tray and slide them in the oven. The key is not to forget they’re in there! Wipe out the pan, brown the chicken in batches, put on a sheet pan as they’re browned, and put in the oven when they’re all ready. If you buy boneless thighs you don’t have to worry nearly as much about over-cooking as if you buy breasts. At this point, check the pork – with a thermometer (an invaluable kitchen tool). 140 degrees is beautiful if you ask me. Stick a knife in the yams. Goes in really easy? Guess what? Done. Out. Hamburger meat is a no brainer…hamburgers. I make three patties, season, brown in a pan, and then? Boom, in the oven. Those I’d cook til they’re about 160 degrees. Oh, and the chicken – 165. If the pork wasn’t done the first time you checked it probably is now.

The veggies are really up to you. You can chop them up for a salad once everything is in the oven, you can drop things like asparagus, broccoli or cauliflower into a pig pot of salty boiling water – they really only need 3 or 4 minutes.  Keep checking the meats. As they get closer to being done the temperature will start to rise a lot faster.

I know this LOOKS like a lot, but turn it into a list and you’ll see there are only about 15 items – including turn on oven, cover pans with foil! If you organize yourself around the couple of things that take the longest, you can fill in that time with everything else. And remember those apples and oranges – they don’t need any help! Yes, the food is cold when I eat it. But cold, sliced pork tenderloin and asparagus with almonds drizzled with balsamic vinegar ain’t a bad lunch. Neither is chicken and yams or hard boiled eggs and an apple as a snack. It’ll certainly feel better than whatever you might be compelled to pick up if you’re not ready!


What’s your excuse?

Thank you to Johanne Schwartz for sharing this video. You guys already know what I’m going to say right…”What’s your excuse?”


Is it the suffering that keeps us coming back to Walnut CrossFit?

Alex on the Overhead Squat!

Alex on the Overhead Squat!

What is it about CrossFit that keeps you coming back for more? I was recently compiling all of my workout journals from the past 6 years… yes, I’ve been CrossFitting for that long. And I was thinking about this question for me since this is the longest that I’ve stuck with one training system/style in the gym. Is it fun? Is it just suffering? Is the suffering fun? Is suffering part of what makes it fun? Would it be fun without the suffering? Is it the challenge, the results, or how you feel about yourself when you’re done?

Personally, I do it, and love it because of the suffering… I love going through battle and coming out the other side, knowing that I’m still alive to fight another day… and better for having gone through the struggle. The challenge of facing something that looks daunting, even un-doable… and then doing it. Nothing feels quite like it! I’d love to hear from you about just what it is that keeps you coming back.


Some tips for the Bench Press today

Since we are benching today, I thought I would share this video with you guys. The first two minutes of the video starts out with the coach having some fun by poking fun at people who “think they can bench”. The last 3 minutes have a lot of good information regarding what to do during this movement. Look at the arch in his upper body, pay attention on what to do with your lats(upper back muscles), bar path, etc..

3:40 “If your gym doesn’t have chalk, GET A NEW GYM”!


Thank you to everyone who helped!

Great job Crissey!

Great job Crissey!

Happy Monday everyone!

Thank you to everyone who helped out this last Saturday with the moving of the Pull Up rig and squat cages. Thank you Jennifer, Pam, Greg, Sean, Julian, Pete, Jason & Juan. Nick, Mariano and myself appreciate your help. It would have taken us a lot longer without your help.


Pizza & Beer!


Great job Virginia!

Great job Virginia!

Did I get your attention! I bet I did.
So we’ll be moving the Pull Up rig today after the 9:30am class. If you can stick around and help, there will be some pizza & beers waiting for you. We will start working on the rig at 8am. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


Athlete Profile: Brian Alcalde

Brian heading  to the top!

Brian heading to the top!

ATHLETE PROFILE: Hometown: born in Long Island, NY but grew up in Diamond Bar, CA

Age: 36

Occupation: Optometrist

When did you first start training at Walnut CrossFit?: Sept 2013

Favorite WOD: Cindy

Least Favorite WOD: Angie

Tell us about your sports & fitness background: Played basketball for fun most of my life, but never participated in organized sports. I was always a gym rat but I mostly did upper body workouts. Got into running in 2009, but hurt my foot during a half marathon in 2010 and haven’t done one since.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel? Back in August of 2013 I was at the beach with my family and I felt pretty good about myself having lost a few pounds that year by consistently doing an hour of cardio every day at the gym. With the commitment to cardio dominant workouts, I started losing weight but also whatever muscle tone and strength I had. Not only that, but I saw a picture of myself from that day at the beach and I questioned myself: am I wasting my time? The answer was “No”, but I knew I wanted better results. That’s when the search began. I did my research and came upon Walnut Crossfit on Yelp. I gave Robert a call and did my fundamentals. My first WOD was 6 rounds of 10 front squats , 4 HSPUs and a 400 m run. I was dying at the end but loved the camaraderie and encouragement from the coaches and fellow Crossfitters. It took time to learn certain movements, but you try improve each day.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting WCF (before/after)? My outlook on fitness totally changed since starting Walnut Crossfit. I still incorporate weight lifting, running and yoga into my regimen but Crossfit is central to my fitness. I am also more mindful of how much and what I eat. Dieting sucks. That said, I’ve seen significant improvements in my overall muscle tone and with good lighting, a mildly visible six pack.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected? Swagga like Mick Jagga aka more self confidence. Being more open to trying different types of workout regimens besides Crossfit.

Any advice for people just getting started? Give it a chance. It will change your perspective on fitness. Anyone can do it. Just put in the effort. Also, a good diet is just as important as the workouts themselves.

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of Walnut CrossFit? Recovering from Crossfit. Hanging out with my family. Going to the beach. Discovering new foodie spots.

Favorite Cheat Meal? Korean BBQ, burgers, sushi, ice cream, fried anything and the list goes on and on.