CrossFit Games this week.

This week is an exciting time for us CrossFitters. This is the week of the CrossFit Games! Some one will be crowned the fittest man and fittest woman on the planet this Sunday. The action actually starts today with Live coverage of the Masters Competitors(40 year olds and up). Then the individuals and teams will compete Friday through Sunday. Below is the link to watch. Please take some time and watch the Masters. I have had the pleasure of being a judge at the CrossFit Games two years in a row. I also had the pleasure of judging the Masters. Its quite amazing to watch 50 year old men and women deadlifting 400lbs and doing muscle ups. Its quite inspiring.


Posting of WODs on our Blog no more

So we are moving over to a different format of programming this week. I am so excited to share it with you and even more excited to see your strength gains a few months from now. Because our new programming of workouts will be so dynamically different than what most of the CrossFit community is used to, I am going to discontinue the posting of our WODs on our blog. Why you ask?

Well where do I start…

1) We are the premier CrossFit box in this area. Not just because we have the largest member base and largest facility, but because we always seem to end up on the podium at all the competitions we go to.  Every time I go to one of these competitions, athletes, coaches and especially other box owners ask me how we do it. They share with me that they follow our blog on a daily basis and ask for advice on how to improve their competitors. So I know for a fact that we are looked at through a microscope by other CrossFit gyms.

2) All the other nearby CrossFit boxes have been around 1 year or less. I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 4 1/2 YEARS. Thats 4 x’s the experience. I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours at various certifications like Olympic and Powerlifting to Endurance and Gymnastics. I have spent precious time away from my family on weekends to learn how to help you guys move better, get stronger and faster. Its not fair that some rookie gym owner gets to leach off of my experience for free.

I spoke with a few Walnut CrossFit members who own successful business’ and they shared they have done the same thing with their business’ and was a good business decision for them.

3) Lastly, and more importantly, this is how I feed my family and put food on the table. I am dedicated to make this the best CrossFit gym for you. But that doesn’t mean I have to expose how I go about that to my competition.

I do realize how many of you like to prepare for our WODs. For example, if there are rope climbs, you like to wear tall socks or shin sleeves. Or if we are squatting, you want to make sure you bring your lifting shoes. So I will be posting some information about each WOD for the week in advance on the whiteboard. You will be able to have an idea of what to expect for the week. Those of you that came in on Sunday, have already seen what to expect for this upcoming week.

Once again, I am very excited about your new programming and look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!


What are you mastering?

What does mastery look like? Who or what do you think of when you think about something that is done masterfully… with virtuosity?

I was watching this helicopter video the other day, and the only word I could think of to describe what I was watching was ‘insane’. He was picking up Christmas trees from where they were cut to an awaiting haul-away truck… and he was doing it with incredible precision, grace, speed, accuracy, and skill. But to me, his flying looked completely and utterly insane – like he was literally putting his life on the line each and every time he picked up or dropped off his payload. And to take the risks that it looked like he was taking – to fly so fast and to swing the trees into the back of that dump truck with such precision – incredible, and completely insane!

But then I started to think about it. That pilot has probably logged tens of thousands of hours in a helicopter. Hours upon hours of incredibly boring and mundane, consistent practice behind the stick. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Practicing all the fundamentals. Honing his craft. Probably over 10,000 hours. The video doesn’t show all that… just the end product of his years of practice. To him, it’s just another day of practice… maybe just a slight stretch beyond what he was capable of yesterday… not insane at all. Really… no big deal, and in fact, probably pretty darn fun!

And then I started to think about the way mastery appears in all areas of life – be it the more obvious ones like a pilot, skateboarder, gymnast, runner, or magician, or the not so obvious like the super organized mom, the masterful elementary school music teacher, the tech guy, or your coworker that can keep everything together . They’ve all mastered something – by practicing it over and over and over again. Nothing insane at all.

What have you mastered? If you look back at the last 10 years of your life, what have you been practicing for? Whether you know it or not, you’re mastering something… Is it sitting on the couch watching TV? Facebooking? Or is it something you’ll look back on with satisfaction and pride, knowing you and the world is better off for you having mastered it?

  • A- 2 rds 10 Pull Ups, 10 Squats, 400mRun
  • B-AMRAP/5
  • 4 RDS
  • Rest  2 minutes between rds
  • 3 Power Snatch(115#/75#)
  • 6 Overhead Squat(115#/75#)
  • 9 Bar Facing Burpees



  • For Time:
  • 5 RDS
  • 5 Thrusters(135#/95#)
  • 5/25 sec Strict HSPU/Hold
  • 5 Strict Pull Ups
  • *1 Minute mandatory rest between Rds


Quote of the Week

“We improve ourselves by victories over ourself. There must be contests, and we must win.”
-Edward Gibbon

  • A-20 KB Swings. 400m Run, 20 KB Swings
  • B-Shoulder Press
  • 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
  • C-AMRAP/8
  • 5 Burpee Box Jumps(24"/20")
  • 5 Burpee Pull Ups
  • 20 Sit Ups


Next Week-New Programming

I am extremely excited to share with all of you that next week, we will be changing our programming of workouts a little…actually a lot. Why you ask? Mainly due to the fact that over the last year, I have heard a common theme…”I want to get stronger”. I have heard this from both our male and female clients. Even our more mature clients(40 yrs old and up). You guys constantly share with me how you like our Strength days so much and want more of it. We are already the strongest gym in the area. We always seem to be on the podium at every competition we go to. But you guys want more. You guys are animals! And I love that.

I will be implementing the most effective and hands down the best strength program ever, the Conjugate System. The conjugate system was perfected by Louie Simmons who owns the strongest gym in the WORLD, Westside Barbell. Westside Barbell is a private “Invitation Only” elite training facility in Columbus, Ohio. Louie is one of only 5 lifters to total Elite in 5 different powerlifting weight classes. He has been a top 10 lifter for 30 years and for the last 37 years Louie Simmons has totaled Elite in various power-lifting organizations. He is one of two lifters over 50 years of age to squat 920 pounds, bench 600 pounds and dead lift 722 pounds and total 2100 pounds, and was ranked 4th nationally in 2000 in the open. 

Louie’s training methodology is backed up by his athlete’s results. Currently his gym holds 5 of the top 10 powerlifting totals of all time, the greatest squat and bench co-efficiently of all time and the strongest male and female powerlifter of all time. He has trained 36 men who have benched over 700 pounds, 10 over 800, and 2 over 900 pounds. In addition Louie has 19 athletes who have squatted over 1000 pounds, 6 over 1100 and 2 over 1200.

He also has 21 athletes who deadlift over 800 pounds, 13 who have a total lifting record over 2500 pounds and 7 over 2600 pound total. Westside Barbell is the only gym in the world to have 2 over 2700 pound totals, plus 5 over 2800 pounds and 1 who has the biggest total of all time with 3005lbs. He has also had an athlete produce a box jump of 63.5 inches which is still the current Westside Barbell gym record.

Be ready for next week. Classes with running a lot faster, because we will be compressing a lot more work into the same amount of time. This is going to be awesome!

  • A-800m Run
  • B-Squat Clean
  • 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
  • C-AMRAP/8
  • 8 Knee 2 Elbows
  • 8 KB Swings(53#/35#)
  • 16 Russian Twists(20#/12#)
  • 150m Run