Negative or Positive?

Have you ever been around someone that is ALWAYS positive? How about the opposite… you know, someone that is always seeing the glass as half empty? Which person do you feel better being around? Now, if you see that you are, in fact, the constantly negative one, have you ever thought about how people are feeling around you?

I’ve frequently heard negative, downer people say, “But you’re only positive now because you’re successful.” Really? I’ve found the opposite to be true… those successful people were positive long before they were successful. Being positive is more a way of being… a state of mind… that transcends events in your life and things that happen to you, and it has an impact on every cell in your body.

I am constantly being told by members that they love being here at Walnut CrossFit, because of the positive energy, coaches, and people. If you are not a member and want to be part of this awesomeness, give us a call today.

So if you truly want to be successful – in your life, with your friends, in business, and as an athlete – try being part of the solution, always see your glass as half full, figure out a way to find the positive in EVERY situation… believe me, it’s there, you just might have to take a few minutes to look for it


Free Massages next Thursday

Father and Son WODing together!

Father and Son WODing together!

Next Thursday from 5pm to 9pm, a massage therapist by the name of Alexandria, will be giving Free 10-15 minute massages here at Walnut CrossFit. She works down the street at a local Chiropractor’s office. We will be posting a sign up sheet with time slots for the free massages within the next day or two.

I’m a huge believer in massage therapy. Its another great tool to help with recovery form our workouts. I usually get 1 every two weeks.

Enjoy everyone!


Remember being the Newbie at Walnut CrossFit


Do you remember your first day at Walnut CrossFit? Maybe it was exciting, maybe it was overwhelming, or more likely it was some combination of the two. Chances are, you had a little voice in your head that was somehow convincing you that everyone else in the room knew exactly what they were doing and you were the ONLY one who didn’t know how all this stuff works. You may also have been convinced you were going to be dead last in the workout and slower than anyone ever previously seen at Walnut CrossFit. None of those things were true, of course, but they felt true that day. And what may have helped you through those early scary days was a friendly smile or helpful suggestion from a veteran classmate. Remember that! Now that you’re a pro at this stuff (and you ARE), when you see a new face in class, say hello. If they look lost, show them where things are. YOU can make a difference in the experience of your classmates, and ultimately, their journey toward health and fitness.


Memorial Day Murph next Monday!


This upcoming Monday, we will be doing the WOD called Murph. We have been doing this annually for the last 5 years. This WOD is in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. The WOD is as follows:

For Time:

1 Mile

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats

1 Mile

You will be given the option of doing this by yourself or you can partner up with some one and divide the reps.

After, the WOD, I will have some of my world famous tacos waiting for you guys!

This will go down at 9:30am. This will be the only class we have all day. Plan on being here for about 90 minutes for the WOD. See you guys there!


How much time are you upside down…literally?


How much time are you spending upside down? If the answer is that you’re waiting for the times we do it in class, and you have any desire to really learn a handstand or to be in control of your body when inverted, then you have a very long road in front of you. When you learned to walk, you practiced every day, often times for 8 hours per day. And within a few months, you got it. Now I’m not suggesting that you let it consume your life, but the only way to really effectively learn to get inverted is to practice just a little each day. “Just a little” in my book means about 5 minutes. But it really needs to be every day so that it becomes a habit, and a skill that you integrate into your arsenal. Now, what to practice… that’s a completely different subject… for now, suffice it to say, just get yourself upside down!


You do the impossible at Walnut CrossFit!


One of our oldest slogans here at Walnut CrossFi is “I Do The Impossible.” Now this begs the question, if you can accomplish something, is it really impossible? Well sure! There are many things that have been accomplished that were once unquestionably impossible. The four minute mile? Impossible! Man flying in planes? Impossible! Heart transplants? Impossible! Landing on the moon?!? IMPOSSIBLE! Now you may find yourself saying, “Well these things were never impossible, we just didn’t know how to do them yet.” But just think for a moment. There was a time when based on who we were these things WERE impossible. It was not inevitable that any of them happen. People with huge dreams, vision beyond imagination, being something new that we never had been before brought them into existence. Pushing the limits so that what was impossible became possible. Being here at Walnut CrossFit is your chance to do that every day. Smash the boundaries of who you know you are and do what you currently know to be impossible!


Barefoot Running/Minimalist Shoes/Vibram Five Finger Shoes


The barefoot running movement has never been stronger. Fueled by “Born to Run“, a book that came out in 2009 by Chris McDougall about a hidden Mexican tribe that runs ultra-long distances… you guessed it, barefoot. Its a good book that you may want to check out.

Here’s the thing… transitioning to running barefoot must be done S-L-O-W-L-Y, ridiculously slowly. You have been building up your tolerance to walking and running from the time you were 1 year old. Your muscles and tendons have developed around you wearing shoes, NOT going barefoot. Your muscles will adapt relatively quickly, however, your ligaments and tendons will not. If you go out and buy a pair of Vibram Five Fingers and just start running in them, there is a very good chance you will give yourself a running injury.

Start small, and increase slowly. I know it’s exciting and fun, and to some people, Vibrams look really cool as well. But it pays to be smart. The last thing you want is an injury that keeps you out of the game for months or years!